Wire & Sheet Metal Design from Concept to Completion


Wire formed and metal fabrication products are utilized for thousand of uses in many industries.

  • Wire weighs less and has more structural rigidity than many other materials.
  • Wire does not have flat surfaces to hold dust or dirt and requires little or no cleaning.
  • Wire does not produce toxic smoke when subjected to high heat, is nonflammable and meets the fire codes for “drain through” fire suppression.
  • Wire products have terrific cooling benefits, and are easily disinfected in food service and medical applications.
  • Wire is a recyclable material.
  • Wire tooling costs are a mere fraction of conventional molding and other forming processes.
  • Wire prototypes can be fabricated economically without the need for prints or sketches.
  • Wire is most often more economical than other display materials and easier to clean!
  • Wire can be coated in color to be visible or invisible in any display environment.
  • Wire can be colored to stand out in an display environment.